Our Philosophy

Vigour Physiotherapy is a team of professional physiotherapists, dedicated to working with our clients to provide them with the best care. With an innovative and holistic approach our clinicians are able to identify your exact needs and assist you in returning to and maintaining peak health.

Being at the forefront of physiotherapy with continuous professional development our physiotherapist are experts in a wide variety of techniques including, manual therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, exercise prescription, post-operative rehabilitation and much more.

By continually advancing in our practices we are able to address the true cause of your pain/injury, aide your recovery process and achieve results. Whilst we do aim to get you better as quickly as possible we are aware of too much emphasis being placed on getting better fast – sometimes things take time to improve, therefore we aim to see you as little as possible but as much as necessary.

Vigour Physiotherapy is at the heart of the Cambridge community. We have been providing physiotherapy to many community and regional sporting teams for over 5 years. We are active in both High Schools providing clinics to students and staff. We support both Leamington and Hautapu Rugby Clubs and are closely involved with Cambridge Netball Centre and St Peters Swimming Academy.

If you are unsure we are right for you we would like to hear from you first, whether you are an amateur or elite sports person or have no interest in sport at all, we can provide care for an array of issues, so do not hesitate to contact us.


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