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Cambridge Physiotherapy Clinic

Vigour Physiotherapy is a team of professional physiotherapists based in Cambridge, New Zealand. We're dedicated to working with you to provide the best physio care possible. Clarke McKenzie and his team deliver an innovative and holistic approach and are able to identify your exact needs and assist you in returning to and maintaining your peak health.
Seek a Vigour physiotherapist in Cambridge now and enjoy playing or working your legs longer. Get in touch with us by calling our clinic on 07 823 1506, or drop by and learn what we can do for you. For  excellent physiotherapy care in Cambridge, visit our clinic and experience the difference.

No referral from your doctor needed. ACC accredited.

Don't wait for the pain to ruin your game!

Level 1, 48 Empire St
P. 07 823 1506
Hours:8am - 6pm / Mon-Fri

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