3 Tips for Pre-Season Training

As we get back into pre-season training, here are 3 tips to get you ready for the upcoming season.

1. Gradually build intensity and volume - To avoid overloading yourself, gradually build the intensity of your training. It’s impossible to expect your body to keep up with the same level of fitness as you were at the end of last season if you’re training hasn’t been the same, therefore to properly prepare your body and reduce your risk of injury focus initially on building a strong baseline for your training.

2. Keep up the hydration - In these warmer months it is important you keep up the hydration to replenish the fluid you sweat out during training. A useful trick to monitor how much fluid you should be drinking - weigh yourself before and after your training session, if you weigh less post-training, drink 1L of fluid for every 1kg of body weight lost. Remember, small sips more often is better than having a large amount at once.

3. Sort out any injuries or niggles early - If you are carrying any niggles or injuries during pre-season, get it sorted out early. Our body is as strong as it’s weakest link so target these weaknesses first and don’t let it affect your performance. If you are carrying an injury, come in to see one of our physios and get it checked out.


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